23 November 2005

72nd Memorial Day of Sardar Mahmud Tarzi

Mahmud Tarzi family gathered at Eyubsultan cemetery together with Afghanistan Tourism&Culture Minister H.E. dr.S.M.Raheen, Economy Minister H.E. dr. M.A. Farhang, Consule Generale Azim Nasser-Zia, mr. O.Berahna Massoum-member of MTCF , Afghans living in Turkiye , Turkish friends and diplomats to pay their respect to Sardar M.Tarzi.

President of MTCF mr. Omer Tarzi openned the ceremony with a short speech and H.E.S.M.Raheen talked about Mahmud Tarziís personality, his meaning for
Afghanistan. (See press releases at www.mahmudtarzi.com ).

President MTCF mr. O.Tarzi gave his speech in the cemetery.His right is
H.E. dr Farhang-minister of Economy, far right is H.E. dr Raheen-minister of
  Paying respect in front of Mahmud Tarzi grave (from left O.B.Massoum-H. E.
dr Farhang- Omer Tarzi- H.E.dr Raheen-Mahmut Tarzi and mr. Azim Nasser-Zia)
Omer Tarzi,H.E.dr Raheen,Berahna Massoum,Pcess Nagia,H.E.A.Nasser-Zia,H.E.dr.Farhang.   H.E. dr.Raheen and mr. Omer Tarzi talk each other.
H.E. dr.Raheen in front of Mahmud Tarzi tomb.   H.E. dr.Raheen spreads country earth to the tomb.