Statement from the house of Board of Founders (BOF)

First Family meeting of MTCF, on 14th April,2004 in Istanbul,Turkiye

Subject: Establishing Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation MTCF

On April 14th, 2004 a meeting was organized under the leadership of Omer Tarzi. The gathering took place at his daughter's house (Idil Tarzi Gencoguz) in order to discuss the establishment of "Mahmud Tarzi International Education and Health Foundation".

The participants in the meeting were: mr. Omer Tarzi, mr. Mahmut Tarzi, mrs.Simin Seraj Ocal, mr.Ahmet Han, mrs.Humeyra Gucuk, mrs.Idil Tarzi Gencoguz and mr.Kerim Tarzi.

Project was informed to, Pcess Leyla D'Afghanistan(Swiss), and H. E. Hamidullah Enayet-Seraj(Italy) and mr. Khayrullah Enayat-Seraj (Swiss), Mrs.Ayten Tarzi(Swiss)), Mr. Omar Tarzi and mr. Karim Tarzi (Spain) and to mr. Zaid Tarzi, Mrs.Zeynep Ertogrul (USA) and to mr.Faruk Han, mr.Habib Seraj, Mrs. Muazzez Atesdagli, Pcess dr.Meliha Soker, Pcess Nagia Dogan (Turkiye) before the meeting.

Mr. Omer Tarzi opened the meeting by giving the details of his discussion with the Afghan Ambassador in Ankara-Turkey about the necessary steps, procedures and clerical tasks concerning the establishment of such a foundation in Afghanistan.

According to schedule Mr. Tarzi from Turkiye, Princess India d'Afghanistan from Italy and Princess Leyla d'Afghanistan from Switzerland will travel to Kabul in July,2004 in order to present foundation documents to the related officials.

The Mahmud Tarzi Education and Health Foundation will be located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Concerning education, the principle aim is to provide scholarship abroad eg Turkiye, USA,Europe for students and teachers mainly of Mahmud Tarzi High School'- and also provide modern equipments for this school. Ahmet Han promised to follow the provision of scholarships from various universities in Turkiye.

In conclusion, the establishment of the MTCF, for the benefit of Afghanistan was approved by all MT family members.