Statement from the house of Board of Founders (BOF)

1.MEMBERS of MTCF BOARD of TRUSTEES has been approved by BOF, are follows;

  • Pcess Meliha SOKER (dr.med)
  • Pcess India d'AFGHANISTAN
  • Pcess Nagia DOGAN
  • Pcess Leyla d'AFGHANISTAN
  • Mr. Omer TARZI (business man)
  • Mr. Rahmat Ullah d'AFGHANISTAN (businessman)
  • Mrs.Humeyra GUCUK ( graduate of Unv.of Farisi language&literature )
  • Mrs. Idil TARZI GENCOGUZ (designer,brand owner)
  • Mr. Kerim TARZI (businessman)
  • Mr. Habib ZIKRIA (dr.law,member of Kabul body of lawyers)
  • Mr. Seddiq R. TARZI (editor- in- Chief of Rowsahni magazine)
  • Mr. Adelin REMY ( LL.D, Editor-Luxemburg)
  • Mr. Bashir SAKHAWARZ (Dr, Infrastructure Expert for Developing Countries)
  • Mr. Azarakhsh HAFEZI (president of ICCA-Kabul)
  • Mr. Omar Berahna MASSOUM (sculptor)

2.H.E. Hamidullah Enayat - Seraj has been invited as a Honorable Chairman of Board of Founders.

Signatures of members of BOF

Pcess Meliha Soker(dr). Pcess India d'Afghanistan, Pcess Leyla d'Afghanistan, Pcess Nagia Dogan, Mr. Ímer Tarzi, Mr. Rahmat Ullah d'Afghanistan, Mrs. Humeyra Gucuk, Mrs. Idil Tarzi Gencoguz, Mr. Kerim Tarzi