Statement "BOT 02-MAR08"


Released on march,18,2008/hutt,28,1386

3rd Annual Meeting of MTCF BOT held in Istanbul.
As a result of this meeting, BOT approved two new names as BOT members.
H.E. Ravan FARHADI (dr) and Ms. Melike TARZI are the names of the new members of the BOT, with the advise of Board of Founders.
Below,please find a new members list of Board of Trustees;

Mr. Omer TARZI president
Pcess India d'AFGHANISTAN vice president
Pcess Meliha SOKER (dr) member
Pcess Nagia DOGAN member
Pcess Leyla d'AFGHANISTAN member
Ms. Melike TARZI member
Pce Rahmat Ullah d'AFGHANISTAN member
Ms. Humeyra GUCUK member
Ms. Idil TARZI GENCOGUZ member
Mr. Kerim TARZI member
H.E.dr Ravan FARHADI member
Mr. Habib ZIKRIA (dr.law) member
Mr. Seddiq Rahpoe TARZI  member
Mr. Adelin REMY member
Mr. Bashir SAKHAWARZ member
Mr. Azarakhsh HAFEZI member
Mr. Omar Berahna Massoum member