February 6, 2005

kabul meetings


Mr. Omer Tarzi, made his first visit as the Chairman of the MTCF, to Kabul - Afghanistan on February 1st. 2005 and stayed there 4 days.

He had a meeting with H.E. dr. Sayeed Makhdoom Rahin, the Information& Culture Minister, and had a very constructive discussion about MTCF and its aims in Afghanistan. H.E. dr. Rahin told mr. Tarzi that he will give his personal attention to expeditate the establisment of MTCF . dr.(law) Habib Zikria,member of Board of Trustees of MTCF , a project owner mr. Eskandar Dilmaghani and a Turkish deputy mr. Mahmut Kocak, were also present at this meeting.

Second appointment took place in the Ministry of Economics. The Minister of Economics H.E. dr. Farhang welcomed Mr. Tarzi and dr. Habib Zikria with warm sympathy .

Main reason of this visit was to present MTCF establishment documents to H.E. in order to start the NGO process as soon as possible. With H.E.'s warm acceptance he kindly took the documents and promised mr. Tarzi that he will follow the procedure personally.

Mr. Tarzi, thanked him for H.E.'s contribution and handling the NGO process personally and wished him success in his new post, on behalf of the Mahmud Tarzi family.

In the third step, Mr. Tarzi met H.E. Noor Mohammad Qargeen (middle),the Minister of Education and had very valuable discussions . Mr.Eshraq Hossaini (left), dep.mnstr , some high level ministry directors and dr. Habib Zikria were present at this meeting. Mr. Tarzi wished success to H.E. in his new post and thanked H.E. and to mr.Hossaini, for giving ministry's approval to establish head quarter of the MTCF in Mahmud Tarzi High School compouds. They also exchanged ideas about scholarship, library of Mahmud Tarzi's works and writings. H.E. promised to support all MTCF activities personally. Mr. Tarzi also thanked H.E. , for giving his sincere and warm attention to MTCF, on behalf of Mahmud Tarzi family members.

Mr. Tarzi ,during his visit to Kabul, got very close assistance from the Ambassador of Turkiye and very special contribution from H.E. Hikmet Cetin who is the higher civil representative of NATO in Afghanistan.