Turkish member of Parliament Kemal DerviŽ, became the President of UNDP.

Kemal Derviž who was chosen as a candidate by UN's Secretary General, was elected as a President of UNDP.

Until now Kemal Derviž was active as a Parliament member for CHP (People's Republican Party) and he will start to his new duty on Aug.2005 with UN's approval.

We congratulate him for his new post.

Derviž who completed his university education at London School of Economics, made his doctorate and master studies at Princeton University in USA.

In various periods, he was counsellor at several Turkish Governments. He was Deputy Chairman of World Bank.

In 2001 he was assigned as a State Minister responsible for economy affairs at Turkish Government.

We hope MTCF activities in Afghanistan will be better organized with the assistance of Derviž, who is very thoughtfull for the 3rd World Countries and children's education.