MTCF ordered a DRAFT OF THE rehabilitation project to an esteemed Turkish Construction group and received THE REPORT. This report passed through to Ministry of Education and the approved by the ministry. (Dated,oct.2007)

Mahmud Tarzi High School covers an area of 100 meters by 90 meters a total of 9000 sqm. It has an access from the main road to Darrul Aman to Kabul. There are no mines in the vicinity of the school and the school is ready to be rehabilitated.

Current Status and Recommendations:
The Schools head master has informed us that there are over 4000 students attending the Mahmud Tarzi High School whose age varies 7 to 18. The school is need of an urgent repair and reorganization in terms of Hygiene,Toilets,Emergency Systems,Classrooms,Electrical System,Heating&Ventilating System,floors,halls,doors&windows,equipments and the condition of the Infrastructure and the open areas.

First Aid medical room: There are no first aid medical facilities. We strongly recommend putting one in our project with a fully operational ambulance.

Projects Aim;
Mahmud Tarzi holds a special place in Afghan history and literature. We would like to see a school that will honor his place in History by preparing the young Afghans for tomorrow under the values held dearly by Mahmud Tarzi.
The family of Mahmud Tarzi established Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation (MTCF) in Kabul, Afghanistan. MTCF will be working with reputable international companies during this project in order to establish excellent result for MTHS and for Afghanistan.
Aim of the project is to create one of the best high schools not only in Afghanistan but the whole region to prepare young Afghans for the challenges of tomorrow.
This can only be achieved by increasing the quality of the education given to the students and not by quantity. The capacity of the school must be limited to the quality of the education that can be supplied by the teachers.
The school should have laboratories in physics, biology, chemistry and computers as well as foreign languages.
We would like to make our high school a shining example of Afghan Education in Literature, Arts, Science and Sports.

Projects Timing:
The Rehabilitation of the Physical infrastructure must commence during the dry season to get rid of all the damp and other hazardous situations. This means that the schools students need to be allocated to an other school for at least one full year. The repairs will take at least 12 months to complete. During this time, the foundation will pay special attention to the training of the staff and administration that will be employed at the school. We would require the full co-operation of Ministry of Education to execute not only the physical rehabilitation but also the training of the staff.