100th years Istiklal / Independency





State ceremony at Arg, Kabul. Pcesses India and Nagia with Afghan officers.


mr. Zafar Durani, secretary of MTCF Kabul, visited pcess India, Nagia, Humeyra and prince Omer A. Dogan at Kabul and paid his respect for the 100.years independency of Afghanistan. They had a cheerful talk and mr. Durani gave a brief details about the MTCF works and invited them to visit Mahmud Tarzi Lycee. (see his msg at visitors page.)

a message from late shahzada khanum Leyla d’Afghanistan/granddaughter Mahmud Tarzi and the wife of late prince Ehsanullah d’Afghanistan.


MTCF Founder members visited Mahmud                    pricesses India, Nagia d’Afghanistan with

Tarzi High School                                                                          1.st Lady at Arg.