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The mission of MTCF is to work for Afghanistan and to Afghan people.
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Why membership !

There are several important reasons for you to be a member of Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation (MTCF).

*First; you will become a part of the honorable Sardar Mahmud Tarzi’s foundation.

You will be privileged with a certificate (mtcf membership card) which allows you to enter every event organized by MTCF all around the world FREE !

You will personally become one of our important adviser in all our projects and activities.

*Secondly ; you will be informed of all activities,events, informations… beforehand.

*Third and very important one you will be the one to give a bright future to one Afghan child, continuously!

You shall be his/her rowsahn or seraj ! Give chance to the children to have better life and education.

Your name will be printed on a brick at the entrance of the Mahmud Tarzi Hall !

*If you would like to CONTRIBUTE or/and to be a MEMBER of MTCF and notified of new initiatives, programmes, events and other news about the Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation, fill in the fields below and click on “SEND”. Your membership acceptance,contributions and the bulletins consist of short descriptions of new items and links to more information will be sent to your address. We strongly recommend you to give every details of your personal informations and your transfers(including your payment method) in this message in order to make your procedures fast and perfect one. MTCF do not carry any obligation about missing or late transfers to its account. Please do not hesitate to contact us any questions you may have or to obtain further information about your process. Equally if you have any requests we may be able to help.

Payment must be done to our bank accounts. All transfers are quoted in US$ and/or converted to US $ at the exchange rate on the day of bank receipt. Please email us for further details.

Become a member of MTCF

admission fee is; $ 250 or AFN 12.500

payment can be made in two or four installment or in one go.

annual fee is : $120 or AFN 6.000 


Please send your admission fee and annual fee and donations to below accounts ;