a book “Two Kings and a Leader”

The book of Mr. Ömer Tarzi, the president of the “Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation-MTCF”, about the life of his grandfather, Allama Mahmud Tarzi, has been translated into English and will be on the shelfs soon.

With this book, in which a very important part of Afghanistan’s history is shared with important documents, you will have the opportunity to read the respected personality of Sardar Mahmud Tarzi with a brand new introduction in the passages that also examine the family structure that he gives importance to.

Many important events of the years 1865-1933 were turned into a historical book with the family archives of Mr. Ömer Tarzi and the information and documents of respected academicians and information obtained from international records.

Very soon!
a note from mr. Ömer Tarzi;-

My book “Two Kings and a Leader” is now on international sales platforms

“The English translation of my book is finished and ready for publication. I am proud to announce that it will be available soon. I think we will be able to publish the Dari version of my book in the next phase, while this work will be an expression of respect for my grandfather as the Tarzi family and at the same time remove the vicious circle that emerges from the renewal of the same issues that belong to him with different sentences. The content of the book has enriched Mahmud Tarzi’s personality and historical significance with occasional novel-style narratives of real events at the end of a 4-year research. The book describes the struggle of the Afghan people fighting for their independence, trusting their leaders and giving them full support, in the most realistic way. Therefore, I am sure this book will be a complete guide for Afghan youth.”