Calling message of the President of the MTCF

My dear and distinguished friends,

It is impossible for me to describe my sorrow for the inhumane incident in Sayed-ul-Shuhada High School, Kabul-Afghanistan.

It is really sad that our world, which we strive to be a better place every day, is covered with blood by such events. But we will continue to fight for all children to have the right to education, by always continuing to share the goodness within us, knowing that humanity is not only made up of religions and that we have no other support than each other on this planet where we live together, and that we can live with peace and tranquility.

In my book “Two Kings and a Leader”, I have noted these and similar issues in history.

I am sending my deepest condolences to their relatives and pray for those who lost their lives in this incident.

Ömer Tarzi,

President of Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation.