MTCF 3rd Annual Meeting

The 3rd Board Meeting of MTCF took place in Istanbul on March 18th-19th, 2008 , Hutt 28-29, 1386. This year's meeting agenda was about the potential contributions to our Foundation substructures and the ceremonies to be held in Turkey and Afghanistan for our grandfather Mahmud Tarzi's 75th Anniversary. Afghanistan Minister Foreign Affairs H.E. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Minister of High Education H.E Ahzam Dadfar, Afganistan Consulate H.E Azim Nasser-Zia, Turkish Ambassador for Afghanistan H.E. Ethem Tokdemir and Foreign Minister of Protocol, Members of the Turkish Desk, Chief Advisor from Ministry of High Education Prof. Quadir Amiryar and Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Prof. Dr. Korkut Tuna were the guest of honor of MTCF Board Meeting. The Minister of Foreign Affairs forwarded the congratulation and success message of the Mr. President H. Karzai. Congratulatory messages from Ministers Dr. Fatimie, Dr. Farhang, Dr. Atmar, H.E Hikmet Cetin, Prof. Ravan Farhadi, Mr. Alhaj Gharzai Khwakhuzhi, Mr. Seddiq Rahpoe Tarzi together with many directors, businessmen, bureaucrats and members of the Foundation have been presented. First days meeting started with the memorial service on Sardar Mahmud Tarzi's graveyard. Following the short opening speech of the Foundation President Mr. Omer Tarzi, the Ministers gave theirs speeches for Mahmud Tarzi. The emotional look on Mr. Foreign Ministers' face while he was reading a passage from one of Mahmud Tarzi's poems filled everyone with enthusiasm.