MTCF sends humanitarian aid to the eartquake victims!


A message from MTCF press office;

Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation/MTCF manager in Kabul, Afghanistan, mr. Zafar Durani visited the area of earthquake and brought several food&humanitarian aid to the victims.

As MTCF, we are very sorry for those who lost their lives in the earthquake.

Please find below we share the information that mr. Zafar Durani, MTCF Kabul manager, posted.

“MTCF food contribution to the earth earthquake victims of Paktika province completed successfully, the earthquake was happened in Barmal, Gayan districts of Paktika province, Spira district of Khost province and some areas of Paktia province. More than 1.000 persons were martyred, and more than 1.500 were injure , around 10.000 houses were destroyed, they were in need of everything the situation was terrible, it was like resurrections day.

MTCF purchased the food items labelled with MTCF name and logo in Orgon district and delivered to Barmal district, Shwayakai cheena village for distribution.

We chose the village has 37 families in averagely around 10 persons were living in every house that had around 370 persons population. 50 persons were killed by earthquake and 150 were injured in this village, We made the contribution based on a house and family.
I delivered condolences and sympathy to the people gathering and individually on behalf of MTCF, they were very thankful and were praying to all of us.

May Allah never bring such disaster again.”