“two kings and a leader” a book of Sardar Mahmud Tarzi’s life.

Examining Afghanistan’s history without incorporating the personality and ideas of Mahmud Tarzi would yield an incomplete picture because he is a critical character who has been instrumental in creating an independent nation through his writings, ideas and opinions. Beside his evaluation and analytical ideas about Islam’s role in the development of Muslim countries, his political and intellectual fight against colonialism shows how important he is for Afghanistan.

Two Kings and a Leader is a book about the phenomenal story of the First Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Sardar Mahmud Tarzi, his family, and his relationship with the two notorious kings in the 1900s- Amir Habibullah Khan and King Aman Ullah. It is a vibrant depiction of Mahmud Tarzi’s struggles and efforts for the independence of Afghanistan. More elucidating is the fact that these stories are told by Mahmud Tarzi’s great-grandson Ömer Tarzi. 

“iki kral bir lider” in Turkish and “two kings and a leader” in English books are available in amazon.com, googlebook.com, rakuten kobo and other internet bookstores. Also there are book pages at LinkedIn, Face Book for the book.