Mahmud Tarzi had a great impact on socio economy of Afghanistan. His influence even now is visible among the Afghan intellectuals and those who continue their struggle for improving the condition of their country both economically and socially.

The MTCF has decided to help its country and to its nation by highlighting the positive impact of Tarzi on their life. Being aware that the Afghan political situation changed many times since Tarzi’s era we are aware that the message of Tarzi has not reached many Afghans. We believe his message for peace, harmony for all Afghans despite of their ethnical differences is important for the whole nation.

Tarzi’s teaching can influence Afghans for better education, unity and economical improvement.
It is for the reasons mentioned above that Board of Founders have decided to create different committees with the MTCF to continue its activities.
A Foundation is established in Kabul, Afghanistan. Headoffice in Mahmud Tarzi High School, Darul-Aman, Kabul. Foundation is serving, according to NGO rules as a whole, briefly as, increasing the life quality of children at Educational level, helping their education, building schools, training&health centers, running these facilities and to complete the mentioned services written in the Deed of Foundation by creating all the financial aid. It is essential for MTCF to receive land from the Afghan government, in order to use the international funds properly.