Standing From left, Mr. S. Tarzi, Mr. Massoum, Mr. Remy, Mr. O.Tarzi, Mr. Soker, Mr. Dogan. Sitting From left Mrs. I.Tarzi Gencoguz, Princess N. Dogan, Mrs. Remy, Princess M.Soker (Dr.Med.), Mrs. M.Tarzi, Princess I.d’Afghanistan, Mrs. H.Gucuk.

MTCF (in process) first joint members of foundation meeting held in Istanbul, on Nov 13th , 2004 at Fuat Pasa Hotel.

Mr. Tarzi opened the meeting thanking all participants who came from different parts of the world.

Mr. A. Remy explained about his important meeting with EU External Relations Directorate-General of the European Union . He said, they had valuable discussions about assisting MTCF activities, especially the street children education program.

Princess India informed that they also together with Princess Leyla d’Afghanistan already started a project related with the above educational programme. It was good to hear that EU members have very positive opinions and deeply impressed by Mahmud Tarzi site.

Mr. Tarzi gave details of the discussion he had with Turkish semi governmental organization members who are planning a large contribution to Afghan educational structure via MTCF.

Mr. Seddiq Tarzi Rahpoe also mentioned about the perfect layout of the MT site and added “it is one of the main reasons why many Afghan intellectuals are ready to make their contributions and ready to work with the foundation” . He also pointed out that one of the main issues is to collect all Sardar Mahmud Beg Tarzi’s books and works, as soon as possible.

Mr. Sayed Omar Berahna Massoum promised to work on the logo of MTCF and to prepare it in a short time period. We all believe that his personal skills will be very helpful in creating an unforgettable logo.

Before, during and after the lunch many photos are taken together wih a final memory photo gathering everyone in whole.

At the end of 3 hours, the pleasure reflected in the eyes of all participants. We would like to express our deepest regards to everyone of our guests who shared their valuable ideas with us.

You will be notified about the project developments soon.