Under pressure to deliver results and vexed by what it sees as the profligacy of international aid organizations, the government is trying to gain more control over the foreign aid flowing into the country.

“Nobody obliged to help us. But if they volunteer to do so, we should know how they spend their money,” Minister of Economy, dr. Amin Farhang said.

“We establish our foundation according to new NGO law which passed from cabinet and signed by the Pesident. We hope and believe that we shall work more healty for our nation with this new law, then before.” chairman of MTCF mr. Omer TARZI said. “There are about 2500 NGO’s registered in Afghanistan and to avoid problems on working in certain fields like education,health we must fully coordinate with the related ministries, officials and will meet new NGO criteria” he added.

“People want road, clinics, schools and these are some of the main issues and are responsibility of elected government” said mr. J.Ludin, a spokesman for President Hamid Karzai.

MTCF is wellcome every demand can accrue from donors to make programmes mainly for educational field in Afghanistan, will coordinate with Afghan authorities.

“We are aware what Mahmud Tarzi means for the people of Afghanistan and we shall be very careful for our collaboration. This foundation is founded by the family of Sardar Mahmud Tarzi but it belongs to Afghan people and will serve for them with its utmost.” Chairman of MTCF, mr. Omer TARZI said.

Prepared by secretarial desk of MTCF.

1st of May, 2005