With the great help of Turkish Gov. 16 classes new school building opened in Mahmud Tarzi High School on 2010.

Princess Leyla d’Afghanistan and Princess India d’Afghanistan and Mr. Omer Tarzi have been collecting donations to help the “street children”, and Mahmud Tarzi High School.(2003-04-05-06)
Princess dr. Meliha d’Afghanistan Soker and Princess Nagia d’Afghanistan Dogan sent their relief via MTCF, to Afghanistan. (2004-05)

Ms. Idil Tarzi Gencoguz, send a group of her women’s wear from her winter collection to Afghan Red crescent Society.(feb.06)
Mr.&Mrs. Avni Atam,from Istanbul-Turkiye,made a contribution to Afghan children. Mr. Atam was born in Afghanistan.(oct.05)

MTCF appreciates for their assistance for the transportation of the donations with no cost, to ARIANA- Afghan Airlines.
We wish to thank to Afghan Transport Ministry.